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Where Education Meets Animation

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IMPACTT Academy Tax Training Course


Introduction to IMPACTT Academy one of a kind animated online tax training course that makes learning interesting and easier.  You can take this course, on your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. Other courses don't offer this option.

This unique course was the combined efforts of professionals from academia, animation specialist, tax professionals and entrepreneurs.

An Overview of IMPACTT ACADEMY Tax Training Course - Click Next For The 1040 Video

What This Course Includes

Work at your own pace

Complete training on the entire IRS

1040/1040SR form in sequential order.

The course is designed to complement using current Tax Preparation Software Programs

No calculators, spreadsheets required.

You do not need to be good at math or even use it.  Everything is automated

 Lectures in tax law, straight from IRS documents i1040 and Pub 17 for all sections of the 1040 form.

Where education meet animation

 Quizzes to test your knowledge and information absorption.

 Real Case Study Scenarios for hands-on practice.

 No over-loads of information. 

 Unique to the industry, animated lessons, that can be viewed over and over again, at anytime, day or night.

Runs on your computer, laptop, tablet and cell phone.

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Learn anytime, anywhere on any device

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Tax Training Made Easier

Through Animation